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Chess Tactics for Advanced Players 2

Viktor Vámos
Edition: Paperback
Pages: 318

Chess Tactics for Advanced Players 2

Inspired by the success of the book Chess Tactics For Beginners 1-3, the author decided to compile a volume for advanced players too. This volume is the continuation of the book Chess Tactics for Advanced Players and contains 960 diagrams.

Its author demonstrates in the same manner, in diagrams, the various basic types of mates, motifs and tactical possibilities. The 20 topics dealt with are the following:

* The Weakness of the Back Rank
* Blockade and Barrier
* Fighting out the Draw
* Distraction
* Discovered Attack
* Pawns Having a leading Part
* Demolishing the Pawn Structure
* The Weak King Position
* Double Attack
* Easy Ways of Winning Material
* The King Stuck in the Middle
* Various Kinds of Pins
* Mating Threaths
* Sacrifices of the Exchange
* Decoying and Bait
* Attack on the Kingside
* Destroying the Defence
* The Tactics of Endgames
* Mixed Combinations

Viktor Vámos can be proud of his significant successes: he was three-time National Age Group Champion, finished 5th in the Junior European Championship and came in 10th in the Junior World Championship.

When he started playing chess as a beginner, a large part of his rapid development was owed to a thorough study of positions similar to those shown in this book. He is convinced that his work will allow beginners inexperienced in chess tactics to make enormous progress. 

This volume is an essential aid both for children liking (and learning) chess, and for advanced grownup chess players.

€ 21.95